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About Us

Our nursery takes its name from the Greek word ‘cyckos’ meaning ‘palm-like’. ‘Cyckos’ is the word from which ‘cycad’ itself is derived.

The CYCKOS nursery is based in Polokwane, South Africa. It began in 1992 with an intention to increase the worldwide population of endangered plant species, with a focus on South African and African cycads (Encephalartos).

We offer cycad seedlings of the highest quality, propagated by our own collection of mother plants. Our customers range from landscape artists and amateur gardeners to serious collectors.

Under the management of Ruan de Klerk, CYCKOS is licensed to export cycads to the rest of the world. We are registered with Limpopo Nature Conservation, in terms of threatened or protected species (TOPS), and are fully licensed to export cycads internationally with all necessary permits and documents.