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An Introduction to Cyckos

I’ve always thought of myself as a nurturer. In my career as an orthopaedic surgeon I have nurtured people. More recently, as a keen enthusiast, I have nurtured the fascinating plants known as cycads.

Since acquiring my first specimen in 1984 I’ve been studying and growing cycads. Today, I see myself as a collector and distributor not only of these remarkable plants, but also of information about them.

I gradually extended my collection by cultivating and pollination and my first seedlings made their appearance in 1992. Since then I’ve managed to build a highly successful nursery called CYCKOS. The nursery has provided an ideal research environment and in 2004, I published the book ‘Encephalartos Nubimontanus: A Distinction Between 11 Variants’.

CYCKOS is more than just a nursery. Since 1984, the cycad has been a true passion for me. It has been my commitment to inform and educate others about the cycad, and to inspire people to propagate it. When you grow a cycad, you are making a great contribution to nature. With every effort you make to care for a cycad in your garden, you are helping to preserve an endangered species. You are part of a growing worldwide movement to ensure the survival of all species that are threatened in the wild.

Dr Diekie de Klerk
Founder, CYCKOS