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Investing in Cycads

As one of the world’s rarest plants, cycads can be worth a great deal of money. Buying a seedling means that as it grows, so does its value.

Cycads are highly sought after all over the world precisely because they are so rare. Their survival is threatened by the steady encroachment of man. In their natural environment, cycads are declining rapidly in number. For instance, only one specimen of Encephalartos woodii has ever been found in nature. Cycads are protected by strict laws worldwide because they are endangered.

Today, although the few cycads that remain in their natural habitat grow in virtually inaccessible places, their monetary value is such that poachers go to extraordinary lengths to reach them.

In South Africa, cycads have been exported in increasing numbers since they were first discovered. CYCKOS is registered with Limpopo Nature Conservation and is fully licensed for the export of cycads, including all necessary documentation.